First Point / Second Point Mid Island

This area of the island is currently undeveloped. Half of it is owned by the Nature Trust of B.C. who have no plans for development and the other half is owned by one family. The share in the area was purchased by the Nature Trust because of the special ecological features of the area. On the south side is a long low sand dune built up over the millenia. There are unique plant combinations, stands of beautiful evergreens underlayed by fern beds and contorted trees with a mysterious beauty. At this time there are a number of walking trails that lead to the north and south beaches although they are on private land. Savary's fauna abound in this area as well as other sections of the island. There are deer but no predators like bears, cougars, or wolves. There are eagles, woodpeckers, and many sea birds. The island does not have raccoons, or rats but there are field mice and squirrels. When taking a walk, there is a great feeling of safety because of the tame nature of the island wildlife. Formerly this area housed an air strip which is closed, but float planes visit Savary often during the summer. There are also two emergency helicopter sites at each end of the island.

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1st and 2nd Point Area
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